A Message from your Friendly Neighborhood IT Team

Cat being Busted

Busted…that’s right – if you are reading this page, you could have have compromised the safety of the KMS network by downloading a potentially dangerous virus, malware or worst of all…ransomware.

Go ahead and turn yourself in and send an email to HelpDesk@kimbelmechanical.com. We are tracking the click links anyway, so we’ll be able to tell who clicks what anyway.

So what can you do differently?

  1. Make sure to “preview” links before you click on them. If you hover over the link and it shows you something differently than the click promises…DON’T CLICK ON IT!
  2. If something looks suspicious – don’t click on it and forward it to HelpDesk@kimbelmechanical.com.

Hope you have a BETTER DAY!